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Fields Of Use

You will wonder "How can I use the Aura Video Photo Camera - of what use is it for me? Which advantages does the use of Aura Imaging have for me?"

Existing Aura Camera 6000 Interactive and WinAura Video System owners are using their Aura Imaging equipment for the following purposes:

  • Expositions: New Age, Psychic, home shows, sci-fi, Star Trek, UFO Expos.
  • Fairs: Crafts, Spring, State Fairs, Renaissance fairs, flea markets/ swap meets, dog/ pet shows.
  • New Age/holistic centers: Many Aura Camera owners do workshops, retreats, seminars and classes incorporating their Aura Imaging equipment with other work they do taking "before" and "after" pictures to validate their effectiveness. Many owners are Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, and chiropractors.
  • "Before" and "After" photo product use: The Aura Camera 6000 and WinAura are extremely effective in showing beneficial differences with "before" and "after" aura photos and prints that many products, supplements, energized water, crystals, music, aromas, magnets, biofeedback, Feung Shuae , Reiki sessions have on the Spiritual Aura.
  • Retail locations: New Age book stores, chain book stores including Barnes and Noble, crystal/jewelry stores, beauty shops, relaxation/tanning spas, shopping centers/malls, tourist areas, theme cruises, new age/metaphysical centers. Dates scheduled on a regular basis, once a week, month or weekend, build your clients base.
  • Special Events: Grand openings for shopping centers, charities, business conventions, benefits, Bar Mitzvahs, balls, and telethons.
  • Unique Uses: A camera owner in Hawaii takes before and after photos of her clients during dolphin swims. She also does power spot world travel tours and takes photos of places like Stone Hendge and other mystical places.
  • Dr. Kim uses the Aura Camera 6000 in The Chicago Pain And Rehabilitation Clinic for stress management. The Dept. of Human Development at the University of Nevada uses the Aura Video system to show children's auras.
  • A Michigan owner also used the Aura Camera to research his Ph.D. dissertation on the aura and hypnosis. Other unique uses include the incorporation of the study of aura photos in pet psychology and match making. A psychiatrist in Italy uses the Aura Camera 6000 to photograph his patients. The Aura Camera 6000 is also used at some of the largest and most famous meditation centers in India and Korea. Aura photos are extremely popular among teenagers at shopping malls in Japan.
  • Free Publicity: It's easy to get free publicity in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. The Aura Camera and owners have appeared in the biggest publications and the most popular TV shows all over the world. Print media includes Time, The New York Times, See Magazine, The Orient Express, New Woman, Gnosis, Fate, Wired, The National Examiner, Photographic Society Of America, Italian Elle, Inner Self, and more. TV shows include Hard Copy, Extra, Strange Universe, The Tonight Show, The Morning Show With Sam and Dorothy plus hundreds of local and cable shows.

For free publicity and other advertisement considerations, feel free to contact us. We have listings of retail locations and centers in your area which may make excellent places to set up your camera. You can also contact us for a free listing so that others can find you and your camera!

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