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Aura Imaging - WinAura WinAura

WinAura is a Windows program that shows the colors of an Aura around a person while they are in motion. The person places their hand on the aura sensor bio hand plate and immediately the world of aura colors can be explored. Winaura can generate a printout of the state of being with an analysis of the seen aura colours in a variety of languages. Display modes: Portrait, Whole body aura with seven chakras and upper half of the body, Seven chakra resonant and, Winstar view.

WinAura is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is:

1. Sit in front of the video camera:

2. And place your hand on the Biosensor handplate.

And that's it! The Biosensor handplate measures your electrodermal temperature and heart energy. The data is then processed and displayed as emotional responses as well as your state of being. The image that appears on the screen is a representation of your Aura. It changes in relation to emotional, mental or physical fluctuations occurring within the person.


Features of the current version 6.2:
  • basic functions (regular aura display without all 7 chakras)
  • expanded functions (long text printout - showing seven chakras)
  • variation of repeat rate of hand plate information
  • aura 'phases in' when you put hand onto hand sensor
  • five different basic displays
  • Interpretation of the aura by text printout, which also includes color display of the screen display of the aura
  • aura snapshot function which has almost photo quality
  • selectable quality and speed of graphic display
  • aura moves on the screen with head or body of the person who puts the hand on the hand sensor
  • graphs 'map' to the body's various spiritual energy fields
  • Body-Mind-Spirit meter
  • biometric thermal parameter used
  • text can be edited prior to printout
  • selectable short or long text printouts, with or without graphs
  • text printouts in different languages
  • usable with the aura camera hand plate as well as with special Winaura hand sensor
  • holistic session shows Reiki and many other energy techniques in realtime with 2 people
  • WinAura can also adjust the aura display to the movements of the client and is not static.
  • Clear overview with many functions on screen while working with the program (Click on picture for details):
  • View the energetic status of inner organs (Click on picture for details):
  • Have a printout of your data and pictures via your printer (click on the image to see an example):
  • With the settings of the start screen and the snapshot facility you can easily achieve photo-quality printouts.
  • Your aura can also be displayed with all chakras
  • The Winaura Start Screen offers many switches to adapt the settings (Click on picture for details):

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